Adam Koch ’02: DX + Bahamas = A Wife

It’s just one of those things. You take a trip to the Bahamas with your fraternity brothers. And, just when you least expect it, you meet a girl who … Well, let’s take a few steps back to Adam Koch’s move from New York to Michigan and his life-changing decision to attend Michigan and pledge Delta Chi. That’s where the story really began.

Born in Albany, N.Y., Adam Koch moved to Owosso, Mich., as a middle school student — a tough transition that would, however, lead him down a journey to Delta Chi. He was admitted to the University of Michigan and began classes in Ann Arbor in the fall of 1998.

“I joined Delta Chi in the second-to-the-last class before the Michigan chapter was closed and recolonized,” he explains. “I lived in Front Triple and was the unofficial repairman for city inspections. We were a small, close house. It lived by myself, and Drew Lamb ’02 lived next door. It was a great group of guys, but I’m excited to see the new chapter house under way.”

As Adam reflects on some of his fondest Delta Chi memories, he remembers a small Greek restaurant called Thano’s Lamplighter on campus. “Both during my recruitment and many times afterwards, the brothers would do dinner at Thano’s. The owner knew our faces and would give ‘his boys’ free beverages and loukoumades for dessert. Sadly it closed a few years ago, but the legend lives on.”

It was in Adam’s first year at the house that one of the brothers arranged a group spring break trip to Bahamas. To keep it cheap, they drove a van to Florida and caught a boat over to the island. The agenda was filled with trips to the Waffle House, warm grape soda and failed attempts at kite flying (events edited for family audience). It was also during this excursion that Adam met a girl from Dayton, Ohio — Andrea — who would eventually become his wife.

“We also would take trips to Windsor Canada to visit the casino and bar district. Somewhere during a trip, one of the brother’s lost his house keys and had to crash at my apartment back in Ann Arbor. I still remember one my female roommates asking, ‘Why is there a half-naked man asleep on our couch downstairs?’ Apparently, Sam got warm and made do.”

After receiving his undergraduate degree in computer science, Adam went to work as a software developer for BASES, the consumer product research division of The Nielsen Company. In 2011, he went to work as a software developer for Paycor, a company focused on helping “companies perform better with intuitive, cloud-based HR, payroll and timekeeping software.” In 2013, he was promoted to the position of systems architect.

Adam and Andrea — and their dog, Frankie — live in Cincinnati. They can’t decide exactly where they want to live, so they have had several addresses in the past 10 years. They do enjoy traveling to warm beaches and up to Michigan to see friends and family. Fortunately, both Cincinnati and Michigan have a great microbreweries, and they have found excuses to try many of them.

Traveling also gives Adam a chance to take part in various Delta Chi events when he can. “It has been great to take part in regional conferences and seeing new chapters spring up. It is amazing to walk into a room of guys you’ve never met and already have something very tangible in common with them. Very good times.”

Good times also come in the form of Adam’s connection with Dan Fanton ’02 and Drew Lamb ’02, and he has been to California, Michigan and Ohio for weddings with Austin Shyu ’00 and Mike Kawamoto ’99 around causing trouble. He also looks forward to catching a Michigan football game with the guys when he can.

There is no time like your college years to meet life-long friends and experience new ideas. I would encourage our younger brothers to try new things and travel the world before they get married. Don’t leave school without a degree and lots of connections.”

After observing his parents’ hard work and struggles through a rough economic time, Adam is grateful for his degree and a job that can provide for the people he cares about most. As part of his company’s community-based involvement, Adam participates in events with local food pantries, elementary schools and the SPCA. “I want people to remember me as someone who is good for a laugh and a helping hand.”

Brothers can connect with Adam at [email protected].