You can’t relive your life, but you can reminisce about it!


Send us your Delta Chi Memorabilia

We need Brothers to look through their “stuff” and dig out pictures from their years at Delta Chi. A picture is worth a thousand words. We want to remind the Brothers of their college years, particularly those where Delta Chi was involved, through pictures of serenades, parties, 21st birthday celebrations, homecoming and Michigras floats, meetings, sporting events, brothers goofing off, pledge formals, holiday parties, alumni reunions, etc. Remembering the past is part of the fun of living — nostalgia is good for you. 

As part of the alumni organization, we are trying to ensure that the past brothers and traditions will be remembered. The present plan is to:

   1.  Gather as many of the old group composites that we can find and use those that brothers will donate. If they do not want to lose them for their own use, we will digitize the composite and send the original back to you immediately. We want to cover every year from 1892 to the present. These will be placed throughout the new fraternity house as a reminder of the long tradition that the 2nd chapter of the national Delta Chi has maintained over all these years.

   2.  If you have any paddles that you are willing to part with, we want them.

   3.  If you have any sheepskins from the past, we want them.

   4.  If you have photos from the past, we want them — if you want them for your own collection, we will digitize your copies and send them back to you.

   5.  And most importantly, if you have any old stories that might be of interest to members in YOUR time frame, let us know. We are looking for short and long article material for future eDelts (email news) and Delts (paper news). 

Material should be sent to:

Frank Morrey ‘64 Delta Chi
211 Washburn Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
[email protected]  
cell: 719-684-6380 or house phone: 719-535-9616  

OR to:

Dr. H. Keith Hellems ‘62 Delta Chi
3928 Rust Hill Place
Fairfax, VA 22030
[email protected]
cell: 540-878-6661 or house phone: 703-273-1577