Delta Chi Reunion and Homecoming weekend September 23 and 24, 2022

Image: (left to right) – Dave Siglin, Roger Premo, Chuck Aldrich

Our reunion festivities began on Thursday with a round of golf at the UofM’s Blue Course. Dave Siglin ’64, Roger Premo ‘65, Chuck Aldrich ’66 and Frank Morrey ‘64 have played the course for the last 55 years and love to come back every year. On Friday Dan Maher ‘76, John Stinson ‘75, Dave Siglin ‘64 and Frank played Leslie Park and enjoyed another perfect autumnal day in Michigan.

Our Friday evening Pizza Party was well attended by several generations of Delta Chi alumni. In attendance were:

John and Jeanne Broad ’60, Keith Hellems ’62, Frank Morrey ’64, Roger and Mary Premo ‘65, Dale Bjorklund ‘67, Linn Petersen ’67, Dan Hughes ‘74, Paul Majchrzak ’75, Dan Maher ’76, John and Jennie Stinson ’75, Joe Gradisher with two guests ’79, Paul Luch ’88 and his wife, Joe Burchill ’81, Chris and Chrissy Bence ’10 with daughter and Adam and Natalie Davis ’12 with three sons. There were several actives who joined the festivities giving us the opportunity to get to know some of the brothers personally. They also managed to completely finish off the 12 large pizzas that were delivered. Both John Stinson and Chris Bence suppled a cooler filled with ice and soft drinks at their own expense. Paul contributed a pony keg of Labatt’s Blue at his own expense!! Our thanks go out to them.

Paul Luch attended with his wife, Dr. Carissa Luch, driving their 2021 Mini GP3. It is number 1193 out a 3000 made globally and with its 303 horsepower it can do 160 mph, a speed which Paul has not yet achieved. 

A very interesting event occurred that evening after we enjoyed our pizza and worked on emptying the pony keg. When we had arrived that evening at the dining hall, we found the brothers had not cleaned up their mess from dinner that evening, not surprising at all. Since this didn’t sit well with any of us, Dan Maher called out “Let’s clean up this mess!” At which time we collectively cleaned tables, put chairs on tables, swept the floor and John Stinson, among others, mopped the floor. It was as immaculate as a hospital ward. We said then, “This will make a statement”! Truthfully, I’m not sure it was noticed by the actives but we did make a statement nonetheless.

When we arrived Saturday morning we found that a neighbor’s tree had been struck by lightning, caught fire and toppled into our back yard. In fact, the fire department was still there putting out the fire.

We provided bagels, donuts, pretzel sticks and coffee that Saturday morning. In attendance were:

Keith Hellems ’62, Frank Morrey ’64, Dave Siglin ’64, Roger Premo ’65, Dan Maher ’76, Joe Burchill ’81 and Paul Luch and Dr. Carissa Luch. No actives joined us since our reunion coincided with parent’s weekend, but we were able to meet some of the actives and their parents.

Together we watched the Michigan Wolverines play another great game against the Maryland Terrapins at the Big House while we watched in comfort on the big screen at the chapter house. Keith Hellems has made an inventory of the composites we have saved and had those all displayed in the Library Room. We have composites dating back to the days of our founding in 1892. Plans are in progress to have these very old historic composites displayed in the public areas of the house. After the game several of us met for dinner at the rejuvenated Pretzel Bell downtown Ann Arbor, it was a wild night on Main Street.

Our reunion was attended by Delta Chi alumni representing several decades. The presence of younger alumni bodes well for the future of the DX alumni association, we look to them taking a greater role communicating with the alumni group going forward.

We hope to see you next year!!

Clean up crew: (left to right) – Paul Luch, Dr. Carissa Luch, Paul Majchrzak, Keith Hellems, Dan Maher, Dan Hughes, Jennie and John Stinson
Image: (left to right) – Roger Premo, Adam Davis with son, Frank Morrey, Joe Burchill