Mark Dunning ’84: Camaraderie and mutual support throughout our lives

Mark Dunning remembers that Delta Chi was known during his time at Michigan for “academics, down-to-earth brothers, and really good cooking, thanks to Chef John Russell.” He now looks back on his fraternity experience as a source of “camaraderie and mutual support throughout our lives.” 

His most treasured memories from those days include: “Scott Walls’ Coffin Party, where we hauled him onto the third floor of a local sorority, drank shots, and left him, tied up. Our very durable basement, which hosted several raucous parties and drinking games, and ceremoniously burying Greg Roda ‘83‘s motorcycle in the backyard when it finally died.” 

Mark describes the bonds formed through Delta Chi as “long-lasting, valuable, and appreciated,” and notes that he remains in regular contact with Scott Walls ‘83, Jim Fuger ‘82, Dave Deaver, Frank Morrey ‘64, Stuart Popp ‘83, Greg Roda, and Steve Hook ‘82 (until his recent passing). 

He also points to other influential friends from his college years, including “Tim Luker ‘82, Joe Burchill ‘81, Dave Mazzotta ‘84, Jim Slawson ‘82, the Building Corp members, and our Little Sisters. Each were great examples of people who could have a really fun time together while still fulfilling their commitments at school and preparing for their lives. All have excelled in their professions since graduating, as I could tell they would. 

“All of them have at varying points as a support network during life’s inevitable uncertainties.” 

Mark graduated in 1984 from U-M with a BA-English and earned a MA-Industrial Relations from Wayne State University in 1989. He now lives in Atlanta and recently retired following his 39-year career with automotive, medical device, and plastic packaging manufacturing firms in Detroit, Scottsdale, and Atlanta, respectively. Currently, he plays as much golf as possible and is trying to determine where his retirement home should be.