Prominent Delta Chi Alumni

We are proud to be a part of the Delta Chi brotherhood. Out of the thousands of Delta Chi alumni, here are just a few of the prominent University of Michigan Chapter alumni that have excelled in their industry.

  • George Stalk ’73: Author of “Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win?,” “Competing Against Time”
  • George Smith ’99: Former General Solicitor Union Pacific Railway
  • Harold Emmons ’99: Former Director Chemical Research Corporation; Former Police Commissioner, Detroit, Michigan
  • Hughston McBain ’24: Former Chairman of the Board Marshall Fields and Company
  • James Horton ’10: Former Chief Examiner, Federal Trade Commission
  • Joseph Chamberlain ’00: Former State Representative, Ohio
  • Leonard Scheele ’30: Former Surgeon General of the United States
  • Thomas Michalski ’56: City Planner (Who’s Who 1986)
  • William Day ’00: Former Federal Judge, Ohio, First ever Delta Chi Federal Judge
  • William Morgan ’08: Former Attorney General, Wisconsin
  • Bruce Blake ’05: Former Supreme Court Justice, Washington
  • Carl Maher ’07: Former District Justice, Iowa
  • Robert Day ’40: US Army World War II
  • Harrison Weeks ’02: All American Football Player

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