The Michiganensian

Article by H. Keith Hellems, M.D. ‘62

During the fundraising campaign I started to gather pages from Michiganensian publications that had the name of Delta Chi in them. I started in 1897 and went to 2008. Delta Chi went off campus during the depression in 1933 and came back on campus in 1949. We plan to publish these over the next months, usually 2 or 3 years at a time for your interest. Below is a brief history of the Michiganensian excerpted from Wikipedia:

“The Michiganensian, also known as the Ensian, is the official yearbook of the University of Michigan.  Its first issue was published in April 1896, the yearbook is editorially and financially independent of the University of Michigan’s administration and other student groups. It is published yearly in late spring by a staff of several dozen students. The book is the second oldest publication on campus, and it contains articles and original photography related to campus life, student activism, university athletics, and current events.

In its earliest form, the Michiganensian served as an illustrated directory, providing information on organizations, fraternities, and athletics. As the publication evolved in the early 1900s, more space was dedicated to writing and photographs, but the publication still focused largely on fraternities and athletics. Now, in its current form, the Michiganensian is composed of photography and stories about campus life, student activism, current events, and athletics.  The 125th issue also split with precedent by including limited fraternity and sorority coverage, amid student criticism of secret societies on campus and a nationwide ‘Abolish Greek Life’ movement.”

To get us started we include the 1933 and 1949 Delta Chi pages.