Rules for Naming-Rights to DX’s New Chapter House

  1. The Fundraising Team for New Chapter House will publish a list of naming rights and naming values on selected spaces and elements of the new chapter house.
  2. Reservations for naming right will be based on pledge receipt date; however, title to a naming right will be granted on fulfillment of donor’s pledge.
  3. To obtain its naming rights, an individual must donate an amount equal to or greater than the assigned value for the space or element of the new house.
  4. A space or element may have multiple donors. However, to obtain the naming rights for a particular space or element, the combined donation of the multiple donors must meet condition #3 above. Also, the minimum donation for each donor must equal or exceed $1,000. For example, 10 brothers could give $1,000 each and be recognized on the plague for a $10,000 bedroom. However, 20 brothers cannot give $500 each for the naming rights to a $10,000 bedroom.
  5. Proposed names for spaces and elements are subject to approval by the Fundraising Team for New Chapter House. Such names must honor an individual (e.g. The John Russell Kitchen/Dinning Room), a group (e.g. The 1978 Actives) or a name (e.g. Grand Central). Commercial names (e.g., Walmart) are not acceptable.
  6. For each named space or element, the fundraising committee will prepare an etched plate with a picture and brief bio (if the donor so chooses) of the honored individual, group, or entity and the list of donors. This plate will be affixed to that space or element for all to see.
  7. A donor or donors may obtain the naming rights to multiple spaces or elements, as long as conditions #3 and/or #4 are met for each space or element.

Click here to download a copy of the DX Space Naming Log (Microsoft Excel format)