New Chapter House Memorial Funds

The fundraising team for the new chapter house currently recognizes and supports eight memorial funds. These memorials recognize brothers and others who have contributed to the Michigan chapter of delta Chi and who have passed away, often prematurely. Alums who were especially close to the memorialized brother can direct their pledges to the brother’s fund, as well as see their name on any naming-right plaques.

Open Funds:

John Russell (“JR”) Memorial Fund: JR was the chapter’s chef from 1970-1982. But he did more than cook good food. He provided adult counsel, inspiration, guidance, and supervision for the brothers. JR passed away in 1994 at the age of 90 in his beloved State of Virginia. Jim Fuger ‘82 is leading the JR memorial campaign. His goal is to raise $35K to secure naming rights to the two kitchens of the new chapter house. To date, $25K has been pledged. Jim can be reached at 609-213-9746, [email protected].

Armando Ledesma Memorial Fund: Armando ‘06 was instrumental in the re-colonization of Michigan chapter in 2003 after it went off campus a couple years earlier. He was killed in 2005 when a deer jumped in front of his car near Lansing. Andrew Rolph is spearheading the Ledesma memorial campaign. His goal is to raise $25K ($12K raised to date) to secure the naming rights to a three-bedroom suite in the new fraternity house. Brother John Holmes ’65 has donated $10K in matching funds. Andrew can be reached at 248-622-1530, [email protected].

Harry “Buck” Crouthamel Memorial Fund: Buck ‘75 joined the Army after graduation and eventually became a rated helicopter pilot. He was killed in 1981 when a new model he was testing crashed. Dan Maher ’76, John Stinson ‘75, and Jay Jenkins ’75, are pooling their donations with a $30K goal to name a three-bedroom suite in Buck’s honor. Dan can be reached at 313-919-3273, [email protected].

Norman Anscheutz Memorial Fund: Norman studied at Michigan under an ROTC scholarship. Following his graduation in 1978, he married, joined the Army, and began serving in Germany. He was killed in an auto accident on the Autobahn in 1980. Liked and admired, his follow brothers have expressed their support for a memorial fund in Norman’s honor. Its goal is to raise $25K in pledges for the naming rights to a three-bedroom suite in the new chapter house. David Falconer ’62 is acting manager of the memorial-fund initiative, but seeks a brother from Norman’s era in Ann Arbor for this role. David can be reached at 650-274-3184, [email protected].

Gerald MacDonald Memorial Fund: Gerry ’60 is perhaps the chapter’s most notable alumni. He served as the chapter’s A for ’58-’59 academic year, when he pioneered a number of fraternal and social innovations in chapter policy. Gerry graduated with a BA in economics, and then joined Detroit Bank & Trust, which later became Comerica Bank. He moved rapidly up the executive ladder at Comerica and, when it merged with Manufacturers National Bank in 1992, Gerry became the CEO of the merged organization. In 1975, Gerry was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and he eventually succumbed to this malady in 2009. David Falconer ’62, one of Gerry’s little brothers, is proposing a memorial fund in honor of Gerry. The campaign’s goal is to raise the $50K needed to buy the naming rights to the Chapter Room. David has pledged $25K in matching funds toward Gerry’s memorial and seeks the support (in the form of uncommitted pledges) from other friends of Gerry. David can be reached at 650-274-3184, [email protected].

Jim House Memorial Fund: Jim ‘64 was well liked at the chapter house and eventually became a very accomplished banjo player. He died at an early age in 1993 of a heart attack. His wife, Nancy, would like to see a $10K memorial fund with bedroom naming rights established in his honor. Howard Gandelot is the lead on this campaign and has secured $5K in matching funds. To date $10K has been pledged and the fund is now closed. Howard can be reached at 912-655-4651, [email protected].


The fundraising team encourages other proposals for memorial funds. These memorials provide ongoing recognition of departed brothers, renew bonds among alums that lived with that brother, and generate additional pledges to the new chapter-house campaign. Please contact Howard Gandelot ’64 at 912-655-4651, [email protected] with your memorial-fund proposals.